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[ Unleashed Creativity ]

To promote the brand effectively, we strategized the product packaging by placing all the special edition apparel and accessories into a mystery bag (which is also a unique item). Each mystery bag is similar, but they display none of the products inside the bag at the booth. This way, upon opening the bag, there is a surprise of goodies. The second way we intended to promote the event was to introduce a points reward offer for those that attended the event. With only one scan per loyalty member and rapid points in your account, who wouldn’t want to use their points immediately!

We designed the two concepts for both the stand-alone banners and the main banner display at the booth. Either option works well, intending to be loud yet simplistic.


Ghost Lifestyle, in its simplest form, is the world’s first lifestyle sports nutrition brand. Every year, they take part in fitness expos with colorful booth layouts and designs that stand out. The project we worked on was freelanced and non-contracted, so its purpose was more for the case study. In this rollout, we introduced two booth-style designs that incorporated banners, special event merchandise, loyalty points rewards, and the overall presentation.





The approach for this project was to design something loud, yet direct. At fitness expos, the event-goers are often roaming around to see what captures their eye the most. To keep people at the booth longer; vibrant colors, clean product placement, and simplistic layouts were key.

Our vision was that if you could draw a visitor to your booth before anyone else’s, then the first step to engaging a potential customer is already done. Having the visitors enticed to the brand and engaged allows for a smoother transition from only visiting to then purchasing. Especially when running exclusive discounts, limited edition items, and a points reward system.


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