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Besides the brand book, the marketing tools used by the brand were thoroughly outdated and required a louder message to showcase the value and uniqueness of the products.

One of the biggest tasks for this project was to redesign the main website to reflect the new branding updates. As sales as the driving factor, the flow of information and ease of navigation with the site needed to be flawless and fast. A modern and sleek look with vibrant marketing visuals is key to the overall success of the website’s sales traffic.


NumeroUno is a unique custom gym equipment and apparel retailer. The objectives for this project were to rebrand entirely by starting from scratch with a brand new brand book. From there, we proceeded with redesigning the logo, a brand new website, and eventually some banner and flyer designs for events. The overall impact of this branding campaign was a success. The goals achieved were astonishing because the changes made brought in newer customers for the business, vaster website traffic, and a sharper social media presence.


NumeroUno Fitness



The journey to rebrand the business entirely was undoubtedly a fun experience. To conceptualize the new logo design, we had to use the elements from the original logo and modernize it. From there, create variations of the logo for versatility. The goal is to capture the true essence of the brand. Therefore, tell a story with the logo and provide a visual experience to draw the viewer in on curiosity and how it affected them.

With so much updated with the brand, it was fundamental to load brand standards, tools, and guidelines for consistency and accuracy in the brand book. The success of a brand results from attention to detail that’s applied in the brand book, as well as the amount of information it presents. It serves a long-term purpose for the brand.


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