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[ Unleashed Creativity ]

We made two designs for business cards, one for personal and the other for the shop, which included only shop information. The personalized barber cards created a culture of entrepreneurship in each barber. The website also included service information, such as price and descriptions.

Relaunching the business brand required we design merchandise to sell at the shop. What we made was simple and economical. This effort also helped promote the brand by word of mouth marketing.


Eighty-Eight barbershop, commonly known as “88”, is a business run by superb barbers that are fully licensed, experienced for many years, and set the standard for how barbershops should run and represent talent and hard work. They are genuine artists in their craft and welcome any challenge to grow as barbers in their industry.

Barbering is no new venture. Technically, it has been around since the beginning of time. With that in mind, our mission was to brand the business, improve its marketing strategy, and design a landing page for new and existing customers to book services easily.





A unique challenge with this project was to promote this barbershop differently than its competitors, especially with many competing barbershops within a radius.

In accomplishing that goal, part of the branding process was to design a new logo, new business cards, and a website for bookings and showcasing work. What made the shop stand out from the rest was that most barbershops don’t have websites, only social media. Plus, most barbers use booking apps to promote their work so clients can book with them instantly. Incorporating that process into the website, linking booking options was integral.


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