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[ Unleashed Creativity ]

A part of the purchasing experience is the limited edition stickers pack that comes with every purchase. This serves a purpose as more of a kind gesture to show appreciation to the customer for every purchase made to support the brand and mission.

Spring 2022 catalog designed and set to be the first launch of products to release. The designs fully captivate the brand message and represent sneaker culture today.


SNKRMOTIV is a brand that highlights sneaker society and culture with its unique apparel and accessories. Their mission is to connect the world and build a community from similar interests, such as sneakers and urban wear. With how much influence the sneaker game has in today’s society, there’s no surprise it’s a growing community. With this unique project, the goal was to help create engaging social media content and unique apparel designs.





Creating meaningful content that draws emotion and engages the viewer was the ambition. The purpose is to invite visitors to the website through social media engagement and eventually persuade them to purchase products.

Instead of creating posts that promote the products, the strategy was to intrigue the viewer through captivating photography of sneakers and relevant memes to draw some fun. We measured the engagement of the page content based on shares, likes, and comments.


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