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[ Unleashed Creativity ]

We designed merchandise for their sneaker events that promote the brand everywhere. It also started the official merchandise of the brand that will come soon in a full catalog.

An e-commerce website is vital for a business that sells products. Originally, the sales ran through their Instagram page, allowing local buyers to meet and pick up. This method works but does not solve the long-term problem, of selling products autonomously. The website we designed provides a long-term solution for the business.


In the world of sneaker reselling, STVRS KICKS is an up-and-coming booming business that will make waves in the versatility of its products. From collectible sneakers to vintage wear to unique accessories. Our experience with this client was exciting because we explored the business mission first before anything else. We got to see the vision through the same lens and bring it to life.


From ideation to creation, we started with a logo redesign for a fresh look and perspective on the brand. From there, we worked our way up towards business cards, merchandise designs, sticker designs, and eventually an e-commerce website.





Business cards can get lost with the rest, but designed in a fun and flashy way, who would discard them? Our approach was simply that. We made it easy for people to find the social media page by scanning the QR code on the back. It was then updated once we changed this detail to link the QR code to the e-commerce website for online shopping.


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