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[ Unleashed Creativity ]

Storytelling is key, and if done right, it can be the selling point. To create a great story for the brand, it was necessary to develop a theme that best represents the brand in a fun way. For Castaño, it was adventurous, rugged, and classic. For this to work, the outdoors was elemental to this goal. The purpose is to create a story using the grid posts on Instagram to show the flow of content naturally.

The prototypes set the style standard for Castaño. For the first product launch, the timepieces came with a watch case, a cloth, and a brand brochure that gives thanks to the customer for their purchase. Besides that, the brochure also shares a short story on the “behind the brand” to educate the customer about the culture of the brand.


Castaño is a classic timepiece brand that delivers with class and ruggedness. The products themselves have a feeling of quality and respect. Therefore, our design process was simple: to deliver a powerful statement for the brand to speak volumes to match the energy of the product. To start, we created a brand book to launch the new brand, which includes logo work, product concepts, social media templates, etc. From this point, we designed prototype timepiece concepts that would highlight the brand in the best way possible.





The watch industry is lucrative, and it continues to thrive with online sales and vintage reselling. The details that set a timepiece apart from others are quality, design, and the backing of the brand. In order to make Castaño a one-of-a-kind, the goal was to create a campaign around the story behind what Castaño is.

As most watches follow the same blueprint for how they design and brand them, we figured the best way to attack this market was to tell the story of Castaño through the visuals created on social media platforms, and the creative storytelling brochure provided in the product packaging.


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